Garden Irrigation Lighting Design!

Garden Irrigation Lighting Design

GILD provides a dedicated professional service to home-owners in the south east of England in creating tailored landscapes.

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Garden Design

Garden DesignHaving your garden professionally designed is an exciting opportunity where your personality, tastes and lifestyle can be expressed through a creative process.

All design projects are individual and based on interactive communication with you to enable us to reflect your exact requirements.

Following a thorough understanding of your requirements, design drawings are produced using traditional methods of ‘pen and ink’.

Our design process will incorporate our ‘hands-on’ experience which enables your ideal design to be created with the construction in mind....

...or alternatively, we are happy to provide a ‘design only’ service.

The most successfully designed garden to inspire you is created from a precisely interpreted brief...

Please contact us for more information on what we can do to professionally design your garden.

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Garden Irrigation

The key to the most beautiful looking garden is the correct and regular application of watering and feeding… Garden Irrigation.

Garden Lighting

Illumination not only adds a ‘fourth’ dimension to your garden but extends its usage time throughout darkness hours. Garden Lighting.

Garden Landscaping

Extending your living space into your garden gives you another ‘room’ to your home. . . Garden Landscaping. 

Garden Design

Having your garden designed is a wonderful opportunity and involves you in a creative process that expresses your tastes, personality and lifestyle..
Garden Design.